A sideyard gets a playful reboot!

The sparse grass and exposed dirt made this side yard play area both an eyesore and a muddy mess. The homeowners dreamed of a space where their kids could play that was out of the way of their main backyard entertaining area, but that was still attractive and clean. To make the area more kid-friendly and easy to keep clean, we removed the old weak lawn and installed low-maintenance faux turf. While real grass is always our preferred choice, this area simply couldn’t sustain a healthy lawn, and water was being wasted trying to maintain it. This high-quality faux turf is soft to the touch, looks real and is easy to maintain. Just hose off any dirt or dust, the water runs through to the soil beneath because the backing material is permeable. Kids can play as much as they want with no worry about damaging the lawn. We also excavated part of the yard so that the kids trampoline could be installed at ground level. To make it easy for the kids to travel to their new playground, we installed attractive steps using natural stone pavers. The addition of a custom designed brick wall and rustic fence provides both safety for the kids and a big boost to the home’s curb appeal. Now, the homeowners have a special place for the kids to play that looks beautiful both from their home and the street.