Mesero Restaurant Goes Waterwise Tropical

The right streetside landscaping and seasonal color goes a long way to helping create the right “vibe” for your business. Mesero Mexican restaurant on Henderson Ave. in Dallas is a wonderful restaurant designed with strong style; their landscape plantings need to stylish as well! The modern yet retro 50s vibe of the restaurant’s building design begged for palm trees, and we delivered. Extra care was taken to choose palm varieties that would both fit the scale of the small entry and power lines on the easement, as well as be cold tolerant enough to survive our occasional hard winter freezes. To keep the texture and color of the plantings as interesting as the buildings architecture, we chose low maintenance, drought tolerant yucca plants as a striking backdrop for the entry landscape bed. Each season, we plant fresh low-maintenance seasonal color to complement the perennial plantings. Containers that can be changed out seasonally line the patio as well. Stylish plantings don’t have to be complicated; clean and simple can make a strong statement, just like the restaurant.