Backyard Pool

Bare Roots Landscape Solutions specializes in backyard pools located in Texas. Texas is the fourth hottest state in the U.S. with an average temperature of around 65 degrees. With such a balmy climate year-round, installing a custom pool design is a great investment. Not only can you enjoy a cool dip most months out of the year but it’ll add value to your home by creating a lifestyle feature. 

When you’ve made a decision to install a pool into your landscape plans, ensure you have it done by an experienced and reputable company who specializes in custom designs of  backyard pools, like Bare Roots Landscaping Solutions. A lot of technical work is involved with this kind of outdoor build. You also have to be extremely diligent when installing a pool from planning to construction to installation. One wrong mistake can be damaging and create a timely and costly setback.

Things to Consider When You’re Creating a Any Custom Backyard Pool Design

There’s a myriad of things to consider when designing a pool for your home that’ll make all the difference in what’s possible and what’s not. Your existing landscape, city ordinances, housing regulations are just a few.

Other things to consider when planning your custom backyard pool design include:

  • Its purpose. Will it be used for exercise, dipping, family, etc.?
  • The sun. How much sun is hitting the proposed pool area, are there shaded areas?
  • Pool features. Entries, enclosures, fountains, shelves, etc.
  • Materials. Inside and outside the pool, including the deck and features.
  • Budget. On average, a custom backyard pool design can cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on size, material, features, and more.

Don’t let this overwhelm you. Our professional pool designers will help you every step of the way from designing to installing your pool oasis. You can even request a FREE quote now and schedule a consultation before you jump in feet first (pun intended). Installing a pool should be an exciting time not a nerve wracking experience. So, hire an experienced, skilled, and reliable team to ensure a job well done.

Start Your Custom Backyard Pool Design Now by Calling Bare Roots Landscaping Solutions

Let our degreed and experienced landscape professionals at Bare Roots Landscaping Solutions design and install the pool of your dreams. We’re accustomed to special pool plans, large and small backyard pools, and proficient working with different types of pool materials. See for yourself by checking out our past projects. Call us when you’re ready to get your pool plans underway: 214-421-1153.