Customer Portal

We are excited to introduce a new customer portal!

Sign up by clicking the following link:

In this portal, you can view existing proposals, submit issues and pay open invoices using a credit/debit card or your bank account. Please follow these steps:

  1. Click Link and enter a custom password.
  2. After entering a password you will be asked to log in using email and password. Use email that original link was sent to.
  3. In top right of portal home page click green “Welcome” button and click manage payment methods to enter payment information.
  4. After entering payment info, you can click invoices tab on home page, view open and paid invoices.
  5. To pay open invoices, click yellow circle and choose pay on drop-down menu.

If you are having problems completing the steps above, please feel free to call our office at (214) 421-1153.

**If you would like us to run your monthly maintenance and/or other invoices automatically via credit or debit card each month, please contact us to opt in.***

Wishing you and peace, blessings, and good health!