Outdoor Lighting

Looking for a company who specializes in outdoor lighting? Illuminate your landscape after dark with our superior landscape lighting services. Installing outdoor lighting has many benefits to homes and office buildings alike. Of course, to maintain the high visual quality, you’ll want to strategically plan out the exterior lighting of your home.

At our professional landscape design firm, our master landscape designers and lighting technicians can design and install exterior lighting that’s visually appealing, purposeful, and affordable. See for yourself by taking advantage of our FREE online quote form!

Outdoor Lighting Techniques

There are many options available for outdoor lighting. Your preferences, budget, and style of your existing landscape and home will be major factors in the decision making process. The outdoor lighting techniques used will create a different effect. They also require different installation processes. Some examples include:

  • uplighting
  • downlighting
  • aquatic lighting
  • spotlighting
  • post lighting

Our lighting experts are masters at designing and crafting superior lighting that complements your landscape design and home. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your needs are met with design and budget in mind.

Location of Outdoor Lighting in Your Landscape

You really want to focus on the necessities and special features on your property when it comes to outdoor lighting. Your doorway, walkway, and garage for example are necessary to light up for safety reasons. Special landscape features may include a statute, water feature, or ornate tree that are designed as focal points in your landscape.

Depending on where you position your lighting and for what reason will dictate what type of light fixture and lighting technique you may use. Understanding design and the science behind lighting is paramount. It can make all the difference between attractive outdoor lighting and unattractive outdoor lighting.

You don’t have to limit yourself to only enjoying your landscape under the sun. Have it come to life at night too with a professional lighting design and system. 


Hire the Landscape Lighting Experts at Bare Roots Landscape Solutions

Let our experts design your low voltage lighting system to complement your landscaping. Our experienced landscape lighting professionals have designed and installed a variety of different lighting solutions for homes and office buildings. We’ll analyze your property and incorporate your needs to develop a safe, functional, and affordable lit landscape. Customer service is our number one priority. We’re committed to providing you with the best lighting services. Schedule a consultation with Bare Roots Landscape Solutions today by calling us at 214-421-1153.