Irrigation & Drainage

One of the best ways to maintain the health of your landscape is by installing an irrigation and drainage system. Our irrigation technicians at Bare Roots Landscaping Solutions are educated, licensed, and experienced in developing a well designed and stabilized irrigation and drainage system to ensure your plants are getting the hydration they need. Grab a FREE quote now!


Integrating Irrigation & Drainage in Your Landscape Design

Installing an irrigation and drainage system involves an immense amount of analyzing and planning. Figuring out where and how to lay the pipes on top of the installation process makes it a complex system. Moreover, you have to understand the grading of the land, regional climate, and the plants you’re dealing with. Some plants need more water than others. This is especially true if they’re exposed to the blazing sun in northern Texas all day long. On the contrary, too much water can erode soil and drown your plants. That’s why a properly installed drainage system is vital to your softscape as well. 

There is an extensive amount of know-how to design and install an irrigation and drainage system. Doing it yourself can lead to time and money wasted and a whirlwind of frustration. Additionally, special heavy-duty equipment and supplies are used for accurate preparation and installation. 

The importance of an irrigation and drainage system is undeniable. Afterall, your plants and lawn are living organisms that need proper nourishment. Installing an irrigation system provides the utmost care to your softscape. It automatically supplies them the water that they need when they need it most. It also can give you peace of mind knowing your landscape is being properly watered – day and night – through a professionally installed system.  

Install an Irrigation & Drainage System with Bare Roots Irrigation Experts

It’s easy to forget or just simply not have the time to maintain your landscape when you’re a busy homeowner and business owner. Our licensed irrigation technicians take this burden off you by integrating a hands-free irrigation system that automatically gives your plants the water they need daily.

We offer a full range of irrigation services, design, installation, and service work, as well as drainage and watering for both commercial and residential properties. Don’t wait any longer. Save yourself time and keep your landscape healthy by calling our irrigation experts at 214-421-1153.