Estate Gardening and Residential Maintenance

When you have a grand property, you need a grand landscape to match; however, who has time to maintain a large landscape, let alone intricate gardens. Well, we do!

Bare Roots Landscape Solutions is a professional landscape design firm. We’re capable of handling the outdoor elements of any size property – small, big, and monumental. Our professional landscapers have a keen eye for detail, creative design solutions, and meticulous craftsmanship. Check out our portfolio and see for yourself.

How Bare Roots Can Accommodate Your Estate Gardening Needs

Estate garden owners require more than standard maintenance. After all, you’ll be dealing with several acres. Your garden is probably more like an extension of your house providing a beautiful outdoor space to entertain your friends, family, and possibly even business associates and clients. It’s not just about curb appeal when we talk about estate gardening. It’s a lifestyle.

Considering the grand scheme of things, literally too, you’ll want to hire a professional landscape company to proficiently and efficiently execute your landscaping goals for your estate. This ensures an attractive and functional design, proper installation, and a structured maintenance routine. That’s what you’ll receive when you work with Bare Roots Landscaping Solutions.

We make maintaining your estate garden and residential property easy with our skilled and reliable landscaping team. We provide direct and clear communication to ensure your needs are met. This is especially important when it comes to special events that you may host at your estate. We’re able to uphold a high standard of care through our superior organization skills and intellect of horticulture.

Contact Bare Roots Landscaping Solutions

Bare Roots Landscaping Solutions can develop a customized management program tailored to your needs. Our team of licensed and certified landscape technicians will design a program to suit your budget. We’ll put an emphasis on protecting your landscape investment and preserving its longevity. Call us today to get started at 214-421-1153 or request a FREE quote!