Bare Roots Landscape Solutions is dedicated to exceeding our client’s expectations through superior design, honest long-term relationships, and a commitment to implementing exceptional landscapes in a fun and easy manner. Additionally, once our professional landscape designers have finalized your design, we can install it too!


Professional Landscape Design Services

We offer a variety of different landscape design services in and around the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Each of our design services caters to your needs and reflects your landscape goals. Our hands-on approach gives our clients comfort knowing we’ll be leading their landscape project from beginning to end. 

We specialize in the following landscape design services in Dallas:

You can say we’re a one stop shop when it comes to your landscaping needs! We also have a diverse clientele base from residential homes, estates, small businesses, big corporations, and more. Check out how they’ve reviewed our comprehensive landscape design services!

Landscape Design Process Made Easy

The scale of the potential landscaping proposal will depend on how intricate the plans and process will be. Sometimes a simple landscape consultation is all you’ll need to develop a landscape design that suits your needs. In these situations, there is no need for a design plan to be created. We can simply proceed to installation without the cost of the plan.

In other cases, it may be necessary that we draw up landscape design ideas. They’ll either be hand-drawn on paper or digitally created through a special computer software. In this circumstance, we will develop either one or several landscape design options, which can range from conceptual to highly-detailed landscape plans. We’ll then present them to you for approval or modifications. An itemized construction and installation proposal is also set forth.

For very large scale landscape projects, such as commercial or estate landscapes, we can even create 3D modeling as needed. Using specialized computer software, we can create an in-depth three-dimensional perspective that can help you envision your future luxurious landscape.


Call Professional Landscape Designers in Dallas, TX

When you’re ready to put your landscape plans on paper, give us a call to help you draft up a landscape design that meets your needs and budget. Our professional landscape designers have decades of experience and credentials to proficiently and efficiently design and build you a landscape that people are envious of. Make your landscape vision become a reality now. Call us Bare Roots Landscape Solutions today at 214-421-1153 or request a FREE quote now!