Our Design Process

Are you interested in learning about our design process?

Bare Roots Landscape Solutions is dedicated to exceeding our client’s expectations through superior design, honest long term relationships, and a commitment to implementing exceptional landscapes in a fun and easy manner.



In our design process we coordinate the practical aspects of the client’s environment with their needs and desires. In our design process we have our trained designers and technical staff work to bring your vision to reality, maintaining a healthy environment for your landscape investment.

1. Initial Client Meeting

We meet with the client to determine the scope of the project and discuss their needs and desires. If you have imagery or photos that inspire you, be sure to have them available.

2. Site Inventory

A full property survey is conducted to determine the dynamics of the project. The survey discovers measurements, existing foliage & architectural features, sun & shade dynamics, drainage, topography, wind dynamics and sound observation. We also take well water and soil samples to determine the site’s chemical profiles.

3. Site Analysis

In this stage, the Site Inventory will be analyzed to determine sight lines, focal points to accentuate views. Circulation patterns, space utilization, grading and drainage dynamics will guide the design choices. We’ll also evaluate the exposure to traffic, noise and the need for any natural privacy screening.

4. Synthesis

This is where the design concepts come together from the inventory and analysis. Our staff will combine information and inspiration to create your custom design.

5. Deliverables

Conceptual designs, planting plans and hardscape plans are presented to the client. These will be in the form of design elevations and perspective as well as 3D modeling as needed. An itemized construction and Installation proposal is also presented.

6. The Build

Coming soon…