Hardscape Construction

Bare Roots Landscaping Solutions can enhance your surrounding landscape through our hardscape construction services. We specialize in the designing, construction, and installation of hardscape plans. Therefore, we’ll be with you throughout the entire project from beginning to end.

Whether you’re considering installing hardscapes throughout your residential home or commercial property, these special landscape elements can add an appealing and luxurious touch. Hardscapes can add more dimension to your landscape and provide a more structured concept.

Components of Hardscape Design and Construction

There are so many different materials, patterns, and structures to implement into your overall landscape plans. Designing is the easy part but when it comes to the construction process, it often entails a lot of labor and precise engineering work. Of course, rules and regulations may play a part too. That’s why Bare Roots Landscape Solutions has been hired to ensure perfection, durability, and permissible hardscape construction for over 15 years.

When it comes to hardscape materials, there are several you can work with, which can include:

  • stone
  • brick
  • concrete
  • tile
  • metal
  • wood

Each of these hardscape materials delivers a different feel and comes with a different price tag. We can discuss your options with you so you feel comfortable and confident in choosing a material that complements your home and surrounding softscape.

The material you choose may depend on the hardscape features you wish to add to your landscape. Your softscape may also be a deciding factor. Again, we’ll make sure to discuss these considerations with you in order to guide you in the right direction so you’re satisfied and within budget. A few examples of hardscapes include:

  • patios
  • walkways
  • arbors
  • retainer walls
  • decks 
  • fountains
  • small ponds

The options are endless and even the simplest hardscape installation like laying down pavers can make a big difference. 

Not everyone can do it though. You must have the proper knowledge, equipment, and supplies to safely build a structurally sound hardscape. That’s where Bare Roots Landscaping Solutions comes in. Having the right tools, education, and training makes us highly proficient and efficient in our craft. Additionally, our landscapers have decades of experience in the landscape industry covering a wide range of different residential and commercial projects.

Start Your Hardscape Construction Plan Today with Bare Roots Landscaping 

Call our professional landscape design firm at 214-421-1153 to discuss your hardscape needs. You may also request a FREE quote for your hardscape construction. Whether you have a blank canvas to work with or need a hardscape renovation, we can tackle the deconstruction and rebuild with our master craftsmanship.